We reached Shimla by 7 in the morning we waited for our traveler. Our plan was to get freshen up from the ISBT, New bus stand. But our driver suggested that we are already late and we can get freshen up on our way to Sangla.

After an hour’s drive, we stopped at a restaurant to freshen up and have lunch. The backside of the restaurant had an amazing view and It was mesmerizing.

During our Breakfast, We had a proper Introduction of everyone, Everyone was going on the Spiti expedition for the first time and was thrilled. After breakfast, we continued our journey to Sangla. The view on the way was changing rapidly and then we started to see Apple farms everywhere. We were going through a place called Theog and suddenly the traveler stopped. Some of them were getting down, I asked what was happening and they said they were just going to look around the apple farms. I also got down as I haven’t seen an apple farm in my entire life. It was something thrilling.

It was apple harvesting season and some were harvesting on top of a hill, We couldn’t see who they were. We climbed up to have a good view. A puppy came along with us and Juhi was afraid of the puppy. Puppy followed me and reached the top. there was a small steak step in ahead of us. Karthik climbed up first and a guard dog started to bark, we could only hear the barking. The people who were harvesting told us it is okay and we can come forward. I climbed up and went to the place where they were harvesting. I had a small chat with them and asked if my friends can also come to this point, they replied “why not, it is perfectly fine” I signaled my friends to come over. We asked for some apples, they told me to pick from the basket which they have collected. I took 2-3 apples and started to walk back. Then the girl who was plucking asked me to stop and asked to take more. She asked if we have a bag to carry apples and I said “No, We will put apples in our pockets and hands”.

We thanked them and left, But my hands and heart were full of the love and affection shown by the farmers. You guys have my heart.

We continued our Journey to Sangla eating apples in traveler. By afternoon we reached Rampur and visited Padam Palace and spent some time there and continued our journey. We were stopped because of land sliding/blasting happening ahead. Sun was at full power and we couldn’t sit inside the traveler and get down. People on Himachal Pradesh are used to this land sliding and blasting and they were chilling around. We took rescue in the shade of the traveler and waited for an hour. One good thing is that we were surrounded by the nature all along and it made us calm.

By evening we stopped at a Dhaba and had lunch and continued our journey. We could see the last rays of the sun hitting on the highest mountain and it was an amazing view. The roads were getting dangerous as we were going on one side were hills that seemed like they may slide any moment and on the other side was steep (This was the road for the entire Spiti valley expedition). It was also pitch dark and couldn’t seem to figure out what is happening, Now we knew why our driver was rushing to reach our hotel before the night.

Somehow we passed by our Hotel and went ahead for some time we crossed a bridge when we were nearing our hotel. I could feel the cool breeze and hear the roaring of the river nearby. I figured out there should be a small waterfall near our hotel, I decided to wake up early and look for the waterfall. We got settled into our rooms and had our Dinner, Most of the dishes were new to me and I tried a few. All the boys were allocated to one room and the girls another. We started to talk about each other and get to know each other, But my mind was on the waterfall and I have to wake up early. I asked anyone is interested in going for a morning walk, Only Karthik showed interest and we went to sleep.