I was watching Demon Slayer in my room, I’m in love with the anime genre after watching the Naruto series. Dad came in his wheelchair to my room and went towards my bed and he got into my bed. He has never done this in my entire life and I believe it’s the effect of our small talk.

I asked him about his life in America. He was so happy to hear that question and started to talk about it. The first place He saw in America was New York. From New York the company which hired him took him to Texas where He was going to work. He got terminated from the work and got scared. He contacted Richi uncle who was settled in Texas and told him about his situation. 

*Refer this map for the places (Bold font) mentioned in this article.

Richi Uncle was a very calm person. After hearing the situation Richi Uncle told Dad not to panic and asked Dad to pack his bags. Richi Uncle took him to his house and he settled there temporarily. Richi Uncle suggested that he get a car license. To get a car license in Texas was very difficult. He traveled to Louisiana and took the license from Louisiana.  

One day He went to an office party and after the party when He came out the road was covered with snow. He drove the car but it was sliding in the snow and He somehow stopped the car and got out. Luckily one of his colleagues saw him and helped him to put a snow chain over the tyre. The colleague asked him to follow his car and they reached back the camp safely.

Leo Paul helped him with a job in Rhode Island. He packed his bags and went to Rhode Island via New York. His friend Xavier was settled in New York and he stayed with him whenever he went to New York. The work in Rhode Island was amazing. He got into a ship manufacturing company, But it didn’t last either and got terminated.

 He came to know of an opening In South Carolina and took a bus from New York to South Carolina. The bus journey was very comfortable, he was amazed to see that there was only a driver in the bus. He worked in South Carolina for two months and came back to New York. From there he went to Wisconsin for his next job. He stayed in Wisconsin for around 6 months. Wisconsin become his favourite place in America because of the punctuality and kindness of the people.

He bought a car with George and they decided to have a road trip to South Carolina from Wisconsin. On the way they halted at Chicago and stayed there. The next day He drove the car and He was pulled over by the police. The police told him that someone had complained saying the people in this car were drunk. Police found out that they were not drunk and asked them to resume the journey.

He stayed in South Carolina for three months and moved to Atlanta. The nightlife in Atlanta was very much active. He worked in the gas station for 3 months and his health was getting bad due to cold weather. Dad decided to come back and took a flight to New York

By now Mom came to my room asking what was happening. It was getting late and Dad got into the wheelchair and went back to his room.

There is a story in everyone, if you listen.